Friday, September 23, 2011

The show has began!

This will be a several topics post. On one hand, I've moved the blog service to Blogger, mainly because I was tired of managing my own server. I was posting much much less than I expected, and I found excessive and useless to maintain a full-time server.

From there I had two options: or Blogger. I chose Blogger for various reasons: one, I can change the URL to any other domain name I want (in this case for free; two, I like much more the Blogger's Android app than the Wordpress one; and three, I found the Blogger's web interface simpler (and I don't need nothing sophisticated).

So you will see various changes on the blog: the interface, you will have to modify the RSS feed (sorry for that ;)), and that I will post mainly in english. Don't worry, there will be an automatic translation widget somewhere on the page.
In Blogger there is nothing to make your blog fully multilingual (or I have not found it), so I've decided to go with only english as it is more appropriate for the topics on this blog (and in the process I also improve my writing xD).

On the other hand, as some of you already know, I've recently started a project with three friends (@JoanCasasC@miquelcdp@miquelpuigr) called VoiceU. We won the third price at the Yahoo's HackU celebrated at the UPC School, we've participated on the Tetuan Valley Starup School. And then we decided that the project deserves more, so we started working on it full time, pushing on in order to launch a great Start-Up from it.
I've quited my job at G&D to fully dedicate myself on the project, and we are really excited and motivated, hoping to launch soon!
So it seems my entrepreneurial journey has just began :)

I hope my blogger life to improve a little bit after all of this changes, but I don't promise anything... ;)
So we'll keep in touch!